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Do you like boat rides?

Do you like boat rides?

Sometimes I get asked silly questions, but I’ll always give an honest answer. Today’s questions was, “Do you like boat rides?”

Do I like boat rides?!?

I Freaking LOVE Boat RIDES!!! Can we go on one now!??!!

Floating in something that displaces water is one of the coolest things humans ever figured out! And then we added cool things like rudders, and sails and engines, and even JETS! WHAAAAT!?!!


Do you Like Boat Rides


It’s like going to space every time for me! I’m not a sea creature by natural design, but I am a human explorer of all frontiers, and our ingenuity makes it possible for me to get out in the middle of a giant ocean and eat a sandwich while smiling at the stars! Are you kidding me?!?! What is cooler than that!?!?!

Sometimes it’s a bit cold though. haha.



The most popular boat on the Jungle Tour is the ‘Side by Side,’ which has two seats for exploring the Cancun mangroves in great company.

The Jungle Tour is perfect for couples. The two-seat speedboat is a perfect way to enjoy an afternoon. Ride through the waters and enjoy many thrills and scenic attractions as you speed your way through the mangroves. Feel the breeze whip through your hair and the water splash onto your skin.

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