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Cruisers Awards 2023

I’ve nominated myself for an award… or two. VOTE for me in both!!! Vote for me for “Waterperson of the Year!” .

Show Down! (2023 Boat SHows)

It’s fall boat show season and of course I’m attending as many as I can!! Plus they gave me a promo code for the Annapolis shows. That’s right, my promo code works for both the Power and Sail shows in […]

My Dream job – Media Maven

Recently, your pal, Captain Boomies, got to take on the dream job!! I got paid to drive someone else’s boat to a bunch of fun destinations and do fun waterfront activities while someone else filmed it!! It was amazing! The […]


Floating, splashing, firing cannons, are the things that make a captain happy, so I do them as often as possible.

In the past, I've raced formula boats, crossed oceans in mega-yachts, and capsized a dinghy or two along the way. Now I make videos about whatever floating thing I want...

And I do it because I want free tickets to boat shows.

Sailing towards the horizon

Most Recent Video Adventure

Captain's Blog

This is your captain speaking... er.. typing! I've done a lot of cruising without a video camera handy in my past, so some of my adventures, you'll just have to read about.


I deliver boats in a lot of conditions




Sometimes I do land stuff


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