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Floating Around

Sitting at the dock watching boats go by

Floating Around

Sometimes I feel like there’s no right place for me in boating. I’m often left out when motor boats are making fun of sailors because they know I sail, and all my sailing friends know that I love motoring around the harbor.

I know a lot about cargo ships, but I don’t work on them. Navy vessels are super cool, but I’m not military.

Watching videos of cigarette boats gets my blood going, but I don’t like the noise when I’m aboard.

Kayaking is fun, and I like paddleboarding, but I’m pretty wobbly.

Did I mention I’m a lousy fisherman? That hasn’t stopped me from buying neat fishing gear. It just looks so cool. If only I knew how to use it.

My absolute favorite thing to do is sit on a boat at the dock and watch the other boats go by… is there a job description for this?


  • Ernie Buchanan

    Good Evening Captain Boomies! Thank you for your many words of wisdom, in particular the “Victory Lap”, or “so slow”, etc. I was taught to pulse the engine using only the transmission, mostly at idle by a delivery captain named Captain Carl. Yes, there is nothing like sitting in a boat in a marina, or even better a nap like the one I enjoyed today. We keep our tiny cruising sailboat Molly in Eastport, at what is now Safe Harbor Annapolis (the old Mears). Oh yes, my wife and I saw you leaving Annapolis on the Pride of Baltimore from Horn Point some weeks ago.

    • Captain Boomies

      Sounds like Captain Carl is a good captain! It was a wild ride on the Pride of Baltimore, and I’m so glad I did it. Hopefully I’ll see you out floating again some time soon!


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