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Annapolis School of seamanship discount

Annapolis School of seamanship discount

Do you want to get your Captain’s License? Do you want to get some serious nautical education? Want a little present for being such a good, knowledge-seeking mariner from ol’ Captain Boomies?

Great! I’ve got a discount code that gets you 10% off classes at the Annapolis School of Seamanship. They have fantastic facilities, amazing educators, and really great curriculums that can teach you basic boating, marine electronics and even get your captain’s license!

If you’re looking to get your OUPV (basic captain’s license) use my promo code: BOOMIESCAP

For all other classes incuding marine electrical systems, diesel engines, and even weather classes use promo code: BOOMIESCLASS

Full disclosure, I do get a commission for everyone that uses my code! So I really appreciate if you use it!


  • Alisa Driscoll

    YES!!! I wanna get my OUPV in 2024-2025!


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