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About the Captain

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

My father had me on boats before I could crawl, or speak, or tell my mother what he was up to.

Knowing a watery time was inevitable, my mother took me to my first swimming lessons, at 2 years old, where I fearlessly walked out of the locker room and straight into the pool, my mouth opening and closing in confusion all the way to the bottom.

The other kids had gone to sit with their parents on the bleachers to wait for an instructor. But not me, oh no. Fortunately my mother hauled me from the depths of my chlorinated stupidity to sit with the other kids. Imagine her surprise when I did it again at the very next lesson.

I just loved the water and couldn’t be stopped.

My nautical career really got started when I was 16, teaching sailing to younger kids, and every summer the boats kept getting bigger. Eventually, I was teaching sailing to anyone who would trust a zinc-smeared, wind-blown, salty, brat like me.

Baby Captain Boomies with her Dad!!
Baby Captain Boomies with her Dad!!

And then came the really big boats

I didn’t know it at the time, but my future husband says he “tricked” me into running away to sea. I was in my final year at college, and the choices were to finish a ho-hum degree in an uncertain economy, or hop on a 103 foot, gleaming, white yacht and ride it down the East Coast to Florida, with a really cute guy.

My summers of teaching navigation, cruising, and seamanship proved pretty useful, but I had a long way to go learning the finer points of EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE, and exceptional vessel maintenance. You will polish stainless till you drop! Plus, I’d never been on a boat with an engine room that I could fully stand up in!

I spent 10 years working aboard private yachts, cruising all over the world, and eventually got my first command of a big boat, then a bigger one with more crew, and so on. I worked really hard, had a lot of fun, but ultimately wanted to settle down and have some land-based roots. I married that cute guy from the first big boat. He’s a brilliant ship’s engineer, and I call him, Bear. We make a great team! I break the boats, he fixes ’em, with lots of love and silliness sprinkled on top.

Captain and Husband
Captain and Husband

Now I spend my time teaching people how to maintain and handle their new 40ft sloop or take short deliveries of boats from point a to b, but I have a dream…

In my dream, I get to travel to every boat show and talk about boats. Big ones, small ones, ones with sails, ones with paddle wheels, work boats, pleasure boats, fishing boats—-if it floats, I want to be on it!

Join me as I make dumb videos and post about it, and hopefully, one day, if enough people find me entertaining, someone will pay me to attend all the boat shows my heart desires!

Float on!

“Never approach a dock at a speed that you’re not willing to hit it” – Captain’s Dad

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