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Show Down! (2023 Boat SHows)

Show Down! (2023 Boat SHows)

It’s fall boat show season and of course I’m attending as many as I can!! Plus they gave me a promo code for the Annapolis shows. That’s right, my promo code works for both the Power and Sail shows in Annapolis!! …It’s a conselation prize for the fact that I’m not popular enough to be in the Youtuber tent during the show.
I’m kidding, they know that I do both power and sail, and they’re super nice to give me both!

The List:

Newport Boat Show Sept 14-17 in Newport RI: I will be there the 16 & 17 to party!!!

The Annapolis Power Boat Show – Oct 5-8, 2023: I LIVE AND BREATHE THIS WHOLE SHOW!!! I don’t have a set schedule or specific events, but I’ll be there a lot. This one is in Annapolis MD. Use my promo code “23BOOMABS”

The Annapolis Sail Boat Show – Oct 12-15, 2023: This is where they bring in the big-gun Youtubers, and I spend the whole show making a fool of myself by gushing over content creators that I’m a big fan of! Use my promo code “23BOOMABS”

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