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Podcasting about

I’ve been talking an awful lot lately on some really spectacular podcasts. If you wanna hear me answer some questions and tell some salty stories, here’s a few places to do it!

First up, I chatted with Jeffrey Wettig from Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast. I had mimosas. Didn’t spill a drop of those but I did spill a lot of dirt about being a yachtie.

Next up, I hung out with Christine Lozada at the St. Pete Boat Show! We had an absolute ball and talked about what it takes to be a Badass!

She also interviewed my husband, and he is hilarious:

And of course I’ve been floating around with my good buddy, Bradford from How Not To Sail. You might notice that he made an appearance on Christine’s thumbnail above. I recommend listening to his whole show from the beginning, but if you just want to hear me, start with and then keep listening for another 2 episodes.

Bradford and I also did an interview way back:

Float on!

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