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DC Boat Show 2023

Boat Show Presenter

DC Boat Show 2023

Come see my seminars at the first ever DC Boat Show this May 5-7, 2023!!! I’ve achieved my dream of being a Boat Show Presenter!!!!

I’m doing two of my favorite presentation topics:

Docking without Divorcing

Docking without Divorcing!

“I’m sorry for what I said while docking the boat” is a cute t-shirt, but why would you ruin a perfectly wonderful time out on the boat with a miserable ending back at your home slip!? Join Captain Boomies for some quick tips and tricks to make docking simpler and even provide some much needed encouragement to the spouse that may be intimidated to try being at the helm. With good communication and better understanding of how boats move, this class is sure to have you loving the docking experience a little more with your partner!

Rules of the Road Simplified

There are a lot of rules for driving a boat, and those crossing situations can be stressful when you try to remember too many rules all at once, so let Captain Boomies simplify it for you! In an interactive and give-away-filled presentation, you will learn how to analyze a situation on the water quickly and never forget who is supposed to give way!

Go to their website for tickets and times and I’ll see you at National Harbor!!!


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