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Work with Me

Here’s some of the things I do:

Docked boat with flags

Docking and General Boating

If it floats, I can drive it, and I can teach you to do it with greater confidence and ease. Sometimes people just need a little tweaking to their technique or line setup, or we need to do full deep-dive therapy to get to the bottom of your docking woes.

Captain carrying dockline

Speaking & Online Classes

Does your yacht club need a kick in the Boomies? Wanna host an online class about some of my favorite topics? Need a lady boater to make your panel seem more diverse? I can do that!!

Favorite Topics:

  • Docking without Divorcing
  • Passage Planning
  • New Boat Buying
  • Sea Stories and Other Nonsense
Surveying a boat

New Boat and Survey Captain

You just bought your first boat and realized that you are in way over your head. Or maybe you’re thinking about finally buying a bigger boat, but you want an advocate for you when the surveyor comes. I can make sure that they do a thorough check and give insights on how your potential purchase will perform.

Yacht Delivery Captain on the Helm

Deliveries and Crewing

Do you need a boat delivered… Do you need a Nice Boat delivered?

I can help. I’m more likely to help if you also need my yacht-engineer husband to come along and you don’t need me to cross an ocean, but I’ll consider all, and point you towards other captains if I can’t make it happen.

Use the form below to reach out and I’ll help you with whatever Floats Your Boat!

…within reason.

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